Asthma – The Herbs Place

by Randal J. Watkins

Asthma is what started us on the road with natural health solutions and into helping people with herbs. My wife suffered with this for many years as one of the most difficult symptoms of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or EI (Environmental Illness) as it was then called.

Asthma has often been linked with stress. But stress can come in many forms. Mental and physical stress tend to "tighten up" areas of the body, but environmental stress takes a great toll also, with toxins being continually fought on the battleground and many in the respiratory system. What we eat and breathe in has to be dealt with by our physical bodies and the typical junk food diet, or lack of whole foods, along with the chemicals we ingest and breathe from household cleaners, puts quite a load on our immune system. Regarding the mucous, there are dietary changes that help for some people. Avoiding dairy, red meat, excess sweets and artificial colorings can help to prevent mucous accumulation in the bronchials.

Some foods create more mucus within the digestive process. Avoiding dairy, red meat, and excess sweets helps to prevent mucous accumulation in the bronchioles.

Herbal formulas like ALJ help the digestive process while supporting the respiratory system. The Fenugreek and Mullein in the formula have properties that loosen mucus to move it out of the respiratory system. ALJ is the most popular formula for congestion, being used by those who have a tendency for sinus headaches and infections.

Herbs or supplements that help to relax the body will make a great difference if physical stress is involved, such as Nutri-Calm, Magnesium, Lobelia, Lavender Essential Oil or Stress-J. Tei Fu lotion can be used topically to break up congestion and inhaling the aroma from the oils tends to relax as you breathe deeply.

There is sometimes a spiritual or emotional connection associated with diseases. The book I’d recommend to get to the roots of diseases is "A More Excellent Way" by Henry Wright. This book has changed many people’s insights into disease, including me.

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