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Essential Oil Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have a recipe for nasal congestion, stuffy nose?

A: Possibly a more internal approach would be helpful. There are several options for you to choose from. I would look at what may be causing the congestion as well. I have to stay away from milk products and sugar when I get congested because they create more mucus. Personally, I like to use Tei-Fu Oil. It opens up my sinuses. I use Fenugreek & Thyme to help me drain and it helps me with sinus headaches. ALJ is also one of my favorite products to clear my sinuses.

Q: My mother suffers from some sort of foot fungus , its so bad now that all the toe nails are turning black and falling off., The doctor keeps giving her different things to try and nothing seems to work. is there something we can use that may help.

A: I would try this recipe from “The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Wormwood:
Mix 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 1 drop of Lavender Oil in your palm and spread it between the toes and around the nails. For the rest of the feet, mix 5 drops Tea Tree Oil and 1 drop Lemon EO in 1 teaspoon of Massage Oil is a great natural wash for fruits and veggies.

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