Herbal Medicine Chest Pocket First Aid Kit Uses

Pocket First Aid Kit Uses


Peppermint Oil (P) contains menthol which is clinically proven to aid digestion, relieve upset, increase flow of bile and is antimicrobial & antiviral.

Tei Fu Oil (TF) is a combination of essential oils that dates back 1,000 years. It contains wintergreen which is of the same family as aspirin, making it effective in relieving pain. Optional: Tei Fu is available as a Massage Lotion for external ailments making it easier to apply and rub in.

Tea Tree Oil (TT) from Australia is 4-5 times stronger than household cleaners, but works well for healing the body because of its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Even 2nd and 3rd degree burns with blisters and seeping have been treated effectively with Tea Tree.

By using the symbols noted after each oil above (P, TF, or TT)
you can determine what can be used for the following problems:

Acid~Indigestion – P: add 1-2 drops to cup of water, sip slowly
Acne – TT: combine with Jojoba Oil & apply to clean skin
Antibiotic~Infection – TT: apply full strength on external infections; for internal use, add 1-2 drops to cup of water & drink followed by another cup of water
Athlete’s Foot – TT or TF: apply directly on all affected areas of the foot, concentrating on toes
Arthritis-Joint Pain~Rheumatism~Tendonitis – TF: massage into areas of pain, inflammation or stiffness
Backache – TF: massage into painful area
Bites~Stings – TF, TT, or P: apply directly to bite or sting to clean the area, minimize pain, and promote healing
Bruises~Sprains – TF aids in healing
Bug Repellent – TF: rub on liberally, reapply every hour
Burns~Scalds – TT or TF: after cooling burn with water, apply liberally twice daily for 3-4 days
Candida~Yeast – TT: add 1 drop to 8 oz. of water and drink once a day for week; each week increase the drops by one until you reach five drops a glass; use for 2 months
Canker~Cold Sores – TT or TF: apply oil directly to sore
Colic~Stomachache – P: rub on stomach or add one drop to water and sip slowly
Congestion~Cough~Croup – TF: rub on chest and throat
Cuts~Wounds~Sores – TF oil or TT: apply twice daily full strength to disinfect and aid healing
Cyst – P: apply topically
Ear Infection~Earache – TT: 1-2 drops in olive oil in ear, rub 2-3 drops on outer ear, apply twice daily
Fatigue~Drowsiness – P or TF: put a drop of oil on the back of the tongue to stimulate mental alertness
Fever – P: add 2 drops per pint of warm water and sip slowly, or use in enema bag for quicker results
Flatulence~Gas – P: 2 drops in cup of water, sip slowly
Flu – P: add 2 drops per pint of warm water and sip slowly
Headache~Migraine – TF or P: massage into back of neck, temples, and shoulders if tense
Morning Sickness ~ Motion Sickness – TF or P: put 1 drop on back of tongue
Muscle Pain~Spasm – TF: rub into skin over sore area for muscle relief; for spastic muscle use P rubbing into area
Nausea~Vomiting – P: add 1-2 drops per pint of warm water & sip slowly
Pain – TF: apply to pain area & surrounding area
Skin Problems – TT: add 1 t. to bath; TF: apply to skin to break up toxic or mineral deposits near skin surface
Strep Throat – TT or TF: gargle with 2-4 drops in pint of warm water; TF: massage into the neck
Stuffy Nose – TF, TT, or P: rub few drops in palms and cup over nose and mouth, inhale for 1 full minute
Sunburn – TT: mix 1 part to 10 parts olive oil and apply on burned areas
Toothache – TF, P or TT: massage into gums to relieve pain until you get to the dentist
Vaginitis – TT: add 1-2 drops per pint of douche
Varicose Veins – P: apply topically to relieve pain and swelling

Information Compiled By: The Herbs Place.com

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