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How We Personally Used Herbs for Our Child
by Donna L. Watkins

We gave our child maintenance doses of herbs to support the body systems that were inherently weak for him. When we came into a crisis situation, such as the immune system being challenged with symptoms of the flu, we would use an herb or herbal formula on the hour to support the immune system.

We would set the kitchen timer and line up the products we had that would feed those soldiers (immune factors) battling the bad guys (germs). Each hour the timer would go off and we’d take a full glass of water (plenty of fluids keeps temperatures down and dead germs flushed from the body) with the herbs for our son to take.

As soon as we noticed symptoms of a problem, he was put to bed. He could read or watch a video or do anything he could do while lying down, but until we had the battle won, his energy was saved to fight. We also withdrew all food. This may sound cruel or abusive to parents today who allow children to eat all day long and as much as they want.

In previous generations wisdom taught that when the body was fighting a virus, it was better to not tax the system with food. It takes as much energy for the body to digest a meal as it takes to ride a bicycle five (5) miles.

The way we thought of it was this: If you’re fighting the war, you don’t take a sandwich in one hand to do it. You get your ammunition and get the battle won before sitting down to eat. This allows the body to use all of its resources to fight. You’ll notice that when you’re feeling sick, you really don’t feel like eating. It’s always somebody else that wants you to "just eat a bite of something."

This is simply the way we worked with a situation in our home. I can tell you that it worked EVERY time for us. We had the problem under control within a 24 hour period and things were back to normal again. When we teach this or talk about it to others, people tend to think it’s impossible to get a sick child well within 24 hours. If you catch the problem as the initial symptoms appear, it is not impossible. There have been many who have chosen to do this with the same results or at the very least better results than they’d ever had before even if they got started late.

We are NOT telling you to do this! We cannot prescribe. We simply share what we have done and ask that you use wisdom and caution in all health care choices. The whole premise is that if you give the body what it needs to win the battle, it will do it! The body was designed to heal.

Many have asked us a lot of "what ifs." What if it was spinal meningitis? What if it’s strep throat? What about pneumonia? The point is wisdom and knowledge. You need both! Wisdom to know what to do and knowledge to do it. If you study Tea Tree Oil, you will notice that tests have shown its effectiveness against the bacterias that cause pneumonia, staph, strep, meningitis, and others.

If you do not notice great improvement in the child’s symptoms in 24 hours, then seek some professional help.

Going the Natural Way – A Mother’s Story!

"Since last November we have no longer had health insurance. Whereas I once ran to the doctor for anything, now I had to look to other alternatives. After my kids sweated out a few bad colds without doctors’ visits, I learned about herbal remedies from my sister-in-law and through Randal’s series of classes. Now, at the first sign of the sniffles, I give the kids ECHINACEA/GOLDEN SEAL 3-4 times per day, and ALJ if necessary. Within 24-36 hours, the symptoms have substantially decreased or have disappeared altogether. Of course they get more rest and plenty of water too. We haven’t had a reason to take them to the doctor in nearly a year; they once went 4-6 times per year!! Another great thing about the series of classes was learning what foods my kids did not need. Their health has really improved. I’m looking forward to discovering more natural remedies. Thanks so much!!" GM

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