Nature’s Sunshine Lot Numbers Explained by Natures Sunshine

Lot Numbers Explained

************************************************ UPDATED INFORMATION ************************************************

Nature’s Sunshine recently transitioned to a new systems administration platform, and one result of this is that manufacturing lot numbers no longer indicate the date of manufacture. We now have full potency through dates on all of our labels, as this information is very important.

************************************************ BEFORE THE TRANSITION ************************************************

Nature’s Sunshine Products includeD a lot number or julian number on each product they manufacture. This is done in case there is a problem they can reference what bottles are affected and have them recalled. Please Note: We personally have been with the company nearly 30 years and they have never recalled anything during that time.

If you should want to know when the bottle of herbs you are using was manufactured then follow these general guidelines. If the bottle has an actual “Full Potency Through” date then that date will supersede what we are about to show you.

Lot Numbers are 8 digit numbers. For this example, we will use 10974304. Using this lot number we find the manufacturing date in the following manner:

1st and last numbers = 14 – this means it was manufactured in 2014
2nd and 3rd numbers = 09 – which means it was manufactured in September.

The actual manufacture date was 09/2014.

Julian Numbers are 5 digit numbers. For this example we will use 10045. Using this lot number we find the manufacturing date in the following manner:

1st and 2nd numbers = 10 – this means it was manufactured in 2010
3rd, 4th and 5th number = 045 – this indicates it was manufactured the 45th day out of 365 days.

Causing the actual manufacture date to the 45 days of the year 2010. Which was approximately February 15th.

Now take the date of manufacture you derived and compare it to the table below to find if your product is still within the full potency range.

All Herbal Products – 5 years
Mineral containing products – 2 years
Vitamins – 2 years
Vitamin containing products – 2 years
Liquids (unopened) – 2 years

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