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Natria – Nature’s Skin Nutrition
by Nature’s Sunshine Products

Natria – Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, the skin’s natural barrier is often seriously compromised – meaning that the skin’s outer layer is letting in potential irritants, and letting out vital moisture.

While some people do inherit irritation-prone skin, for others it’s actually what is done to the skin on a daily basis that breaks down its defenses and causes sensitivity; such as using skin care products with harsh or irritating ingredients.

The NATRIA product line is fortified with NatriPlex™ – our exclusive moisture replenishing complex. This complex penetrates and replenishes the barrier, helps increase skin’s natural production of moisture, and restores essential hydration. NatriPlex technology ensures that NATRIA products are formulated to address the needs of sensitive skin.

The Natria Nourishing Skin Care regimen for normal to dry skin is an ideal solution for sensitive skin.

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