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April 3, 2003 Edition

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Hello Everybody,

In this issure, I have included a very good article on Ephedra produced by
Nature’s Sunshine Products Health Sciences Department. With all the
controvery, it’s time we begin to realize that there may be another side.
Please take a few moments to read the ephedra article below.


Donna and I are very grateful for your readership and loyalty to our
products and services. Without you we couldn’t do it. Please remember to
share with others it’s how we grow!

Until next time,



At one time or another, we all have experienced the muscle pain and
discomfort associated with exercise. But those who experience chronic
discomfort and constant or frequent muscle pain know more about this
situation than they desire to know.

Triple Relief is a blend of herbs that have been used traditionally to help
soothe minor muscle pain and discomfort. The herbs in this formula offer the
additional benefits of digestive and urinary system support, as well as
supporting healthy skin.

Read more and/or purchase here: Relief Formula



The number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to increase by 50
percent over the next 20 years, partly because poor nations are adopting
unhealthy Western habits, the World Health Organization (news – web sites)
said Thursday.

The World Cancer Report is the first comprehensive examination of cancer
around the globe, covering the current understanding of its causes,
prevention and treatment.

“The overall message is that we can prevent a third of cancers,” said one of
the report’s editors, Australian cancer specialist Bernard Stewart.

Worldwide, about 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year and
6 million people die from it. The report projects that the annual number of
diagnoses will reach 15 million by 2020, based on current trends in smoking,
diet and exercise.

Although one-third of the cases theoretically were preventable, that does
not mean the coming increase realistically could be slashed by that amount,
said WHO’s cancer chief, Dr. Paul Kleihues.

“I think what we can do is slow down the increase. Anything more is not
realistic,” said Kleihues, director of WHO’s International Agency for
Research on Cancer.

Rich nations have more cancer than poor ones, mostly because of tumors tied
to bad habits such as smoking and drinking, eating too much or the wrong
kinds of foods, and lack of exercise.

“If we want to go back to a lifestyle associated with a low incidence of
cancer, small changes to our lifestyles would not be sufficient. We would
really have to go down to a very restricted diet, no overfeeding, starting
in childhood. I don’t think that’s realistic expectation,” Kleihues said.

For the rest of the article go :



Do your kids scrunch their noses and say yuk! every time you serve
vegetables like broccoli or peas with their meals?

While getting kids to eat their veggies can sometimes feel like an exercise
in futility, you shouldn’t give up. Rather, try these tactics suggested by
the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto:

* Let your kids help you pick out a vegetable at the farmer’s market.
* Let them help you prepare it.
* Try serving it a different way — raw if you usually cook it, or
lightly steamed if you usually serve it raw.
* Let them dip it.
* Give it a funny name.
* Serve it when your kids are hungry.
* Seat your child next to a child who loves vegetables, and let peer
pressure take over.
* Don’t assume your child will never like it. Some children take longer
than others to feel comfortable with certain foods.

Original article :



If your diet consists mostly of red meats, dairy products and sugars, then,
like most Americans, your target pH may be too acidic. Too many acids can
affect the major body systems and affect your health status in several ways,
including weight gain, immune stress, free radical damage, structural system
weakness and microorganic balance.

pH GreenZone˜now with more potent greens˜is a part of your vital nutrition
because of its alkalizing effect. Green foods provide great nutrition and
energy to the human body. pH GreenZone is also great for dieters seeking a
nutritious supplement and non-dieters who want maximum nutrition and energy.
The fiber content in pH GreenZone also helps promote colon health. Use pH
GreenZone to help balance your pH and provide a powerhouse of nutrition.

Read more and/or purchase here:
https://theherbsplace.com/GreenZone_Ultimate_powder_368_Grams_13_Oz._p_68.html pH Greenzone



What is new and negative in the media? The tragic death of an overweight
major league baseball player has implicated ephedra-containing products once
again as a hazard to public health. Is it the product or the public who
poses the hazard?

Nature’s Sunshine Products has safely sold millions of doses of ephedra
(12,283,853 doses) in the past year with very few side effects (128
reported) and certainly no deaths or serious health complications. How can
NSP sell products with a good safety record while the FDA is reprimanding
other companies in the form of warning letters?

The answer: safe and effective use of natural products. It is our belief
that ephedra herb should not be combined with caffeine. In almost every case
where ephedra has been associated with more serious adverse reactions, it
was combined with caffeine.very large doses of caffeine. Consumers often
exceed label recommendations and misuse the products (they are designed for
respiratory support or as a weight management aid). Misuse of ephedra, poor
formulating, and poorly labeled products may end up costing U.S. consumers
their right to use this naturally occurring herb that has been used in China
for 5,000 years. If you look at the sales of NSP products, the two largest
selling ephedra products are split evenly between weight management and
respiratory support (MetaboMax® and Sinus Support®). This indicates that not
only do NSP distributors know how to use ephedra products, but they also
know how to use them safely and effectively.

Ephedra should be used according to label recommendations. Ephedra should be
used for respiratory support and for weight management. Children under the
age of 18 years of age should not use ephedra-containing products.

The dose of ephedrine alkaloids (the active ingredient in ephedra products)
in healthy adults should not exceed 100 mg in 24 hours. People with any type
of health condition should not take ephedra. Pregnant or lactating women
should not use ephedra products. Ephedra should not be taken concomitantly
with any other medications.Based on the pharmacology of ephedrine, ephedra
should not be used in combination with caffeine, pseudoephedrine,
synephrine, or octopamine. These other natural ingredients can have a
synergistic effect with ephedra. Ephedra should not be used for weight
training or any other activity where enhanced physical endurance is sought.

In summary, ephedra has been safely used by millions of people since the
inception of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994. While
tragic events related to ephedra continue to be portrayed in the media, they
should not tarnish its reputation as a safe, effective weight-loss and
respiratory system supplement when properly used.

Provided by Nature’s Sunshine Products – Health Sciences Division


April is National Soy Foods Month. Celebrate with these delicious recipes
for entrees, snacks, and even desserts — all featuring soy!


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