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A Natural Solution 4 You
July 25, 2005 Edition
A Natural Solution 4 You


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A Note From Randal

Hello Everyone,

I mentioned that we had been gone for 10 days a few issues back. During those 10 days, we had the opportunity to take a cruise (we had earned) with Nature’s Sunshine to the Baltic Region. As usual, Donna was on track taking some great photos. They are on our gallery and if you want to see the amazing things we saw take a look at https://theherbsplace.com/gallery/baltic

Hope you enjoy them! As always, we appreciate all you do for us as you continue to tell your family and friends about our sites and ezines.

Until next time, be in good health!


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Breast Assured is a blend of herbs and nutrients that support and protect women’s reproductive health, especially the breasts. The carefully selected ingredients help to balance female hormones and promote breast health. Read More …

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Health In The News

Study Shows Calcium, Folic Acid Could Save $15B – by Vicky Uhland

A new study showing that regular intake of calcium and folic acid could save more than $15 billion in health care costs during the next five years will be presented to Congress in an attempt to increase funding for more research into dietary supplements.

“Improving Public Health, Reducing Health Care Costs: An Evidence-Based Study of Five Dietary Supplements” was scheduled to be presented to the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness. The goal, said National Nutritional Foods Association Executive Director David Seckman, is to show the government an “example of how supplements are safe and beneficial to health care.”

The study, commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance and conducted by The Lewin Group, a Falls Church, Va.-based health care consulting firm, critically reviewed research on the health care benefits and cost savings of calcium, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and saw palmetto.

The researchers cited “considerable evidence” of calcium and vitamin D’s role in reducing hip fractures and found that of approximately 320,000 hip fractures each year in the United States, 138,000 could be avoided through daily use of calcium with vitamin D.

Using a Congressional Budget Office cost-accounting approach, researchers calculated gross and net costs to a Medicare like payer for treatment of a hip fracture. They concluded that over a five-year period, supplementation would result in $13.9 billion in savings for hip fracture treatment, including surgeon’s fees, hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Researchers also found evidence that if an additional 10.5 million American women of childbearing age began taking 400 mcg of folic acid daily, approximately 600 fewer babies would be born each year with neural tube defects, saving as much as $321.9 million. Over five years, $1.3 billion could be saved in direct medical costs, therapies and equipment, and special education.

The Lewin Group found there is not yet enough research to analyze health care cost savings associated with omega-3s, glucosamine and saw palmetto.

“In certain instances, supplements are an inexpensive and safe way to improve health status and reduce health care expenditures. In these cases, the role of public policy to support their use is unambiguous,” the researchers concluded. “In other instances, although the available evidence is less definitive, it warrants attention from health care providers and their patients, as well as continued investment of public financing for additional research.”

Vicky Uhland is a Denver-based free-lance writer:
This article was originally printed in The Natural Foods Merchandiser, October 2004.

For more about the Lewin Group and its other studies, search online. 

Essential Oils For Health

Nature offers essential oils with potent properties that can be used in many ways around the home. For health, bath, beauty, and household cleaning supplies. Here’s our featured recipe for this issue:

Yeast Blend

30 drops lavender
15 drops myrrh
8 drops tea tree

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Health News For Kids

Heart Murmurs and Your Child – KidsHealth.org

Although many parents fear the worst when their child is diagnosed with a heart murmur, it’s important to know that this diagnosis is actually extremely common. In fact, many kids are found to have a heart murmur at some point during their lives. Most murmurs are not a cause for concern and do not affect the child’s health at all.

So what, exactly, is a heart murmur? By itself, the term heart murmur isn’t a diagnosis of an illness or disorder; but to understand what it does mean, it’s important to know how the heart works.

The heart is divided into four chambers; two are on the left side of the heart and two are on the right. The blood returning from the body is pumped to the lungs where it’s oxygenated, then pumped through the arteries to the rest of the body. After the oxygen has been used, the blood returns to the heart through the veins and is pumped through the lungs again.

The word murmur describes a . . .

For more about murmurs

Featured Topic

The Talking Ear
From Creation Moments

Can your ear talk to you? New research seems to show that your ear actually generates sound that echoes whatever you hear.

Startled scientists are making new discoveries that appear to show that we have hearing aids built into our ears. Yes, our ears do produce sounds. When sound hits the eardrums, the vibrations move bones within the ear, causing a bone called the stapes to vibrate. These vibrations are translated to pneumatic pressure within the cochlea. The oscillating pressure is picked up by tiny inner hairs in the cochlea that vibrate with the sound. These vibrations generate an electrical signal that is sent to the brain.

Researchers have learned that outer hair cells within the cochlea respond to the incoming signals by generating audible sounds that can be picked up by tiny microphones. The sounds are generated as the hairs dance up and down in time with the incoming sound, just like the cone of a loudspeaker. The effect is that the ear echoes the incoming sound a few thousandths of a second after it enters the ear. The echo generated within the cochlea is not necessary for hearing. However, scientists suspect that this feedback system helps people smoothly hear sounds that range from soft to loud. Some scientists have voiced their skepticism about these astonishing findings.

Our ability to hear sound is much more elegant in design than scientists ever expected. The technically precise details of the ear’s design discredit all claims that the ear could have evolved.

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Nutrition Is A Choice

Caramelized Onion-Mushroom Pizza – Amy Parker , Your Guide to Vegetarian Cuisine .

It might not be traditional with a capital T, but there’s no law that says pizza has to have tomatoes. This pie wasn’t even inspired by Italian pizza. It’s my hybrid version of a pizza-like mushroom pie I bought at a local Armenian bakery and pissaladière, a pizza-like bread from the south of France that’s traditionally topped with caramelized onions.

1 small yellow onion, peeled and thinly sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
6 medium-large button mushrooms washed, trimmed and sliced thickly
leaves from 3 or 4 sprigs of fresh thyme (or a pinch of dried thyme)
grated parmesan or romano cheese or soy-based substitute, optional



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