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Nature’s Sunshine Products: Ingredients 


ALL of the Products  DO NOT CONTAIN:

Artificial Flavorings, Sweeteners or Colorings

Products with Gluten

  Please note all corresponding trial packs and retail samplers also contain gluten. Gluten is a derivative of wheat. Those who are allergic to wheat would be advised to consider a different product from these listed below.


 Stock #

 Product Name

 823-5 Herbal CA
 826-3 ATC Concentrated CA
1113-7 X-Action for Men
1114-3 X-Action for Women
1346-5 LOCLO
1392 & 1393 Vegetable Seasoning Broth
1600-1 Herbal Beverage
1619-5 T/R Multi, Vitamins & Minerals
1626-6 Vitamin B6
1778-9  B Complex

NOTE:  Products containing wheat grass and barley grass have not been included on the preceding list.  These grasses are harvested while they are young, long before the plants mature and produce seeds which contain gluten.  They are generally considered to be gluten-free.  The products containing only barley grass and/or wheat grass are as follows:

55-1 Barley Green Concentrate
875-8 Energ-V
1089-8 THIM-J
1091-5 pH Green Zone
1098-3 Ultimate Green Zone Powder
1099-1 Ultimate Green Zone Capsules
1654-5 Defense Maintenance

Herbal Capsule Source
All herbal capsules are bovine (cattle) in origin. These capsules don’t have any pork, they are used for single herbs and herbal combinations.

Gelcap Sources
Natural Changes – pork
Flax Seed Oil Gelcaps – pork
Evening Primrose Oil – pork
Black Currant Oil – pork
Super GLA – pork and bovine

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All of our calciums are dairy, egg and peanut free. All calciums with the exception of the coral calcium do contain corn products.

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