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A Nutritional Support Program for Mature Women

• Helps the mature female body balance hormones by supplying the glandular system with a variety of vital nutrients.
• Strengthens the body by providing needed nutrients to the structural system.

Around the age of 50, many women experience menopause and its symptoms due to a gradual decrease in hormone levels. Natural Changes combines our most popular nutritional supplements for mature women into easy-to-use packets. The finest herbs, essential fatty acids and antioxidant nutrients nourish the body naturally to help maintain balanced hormone levels and help cope with changes.

Each packet contains
C-X – two capsules

Skeletal Strength® (structural support) – one tablet

Wild Yam with Chaste Tree – one capsule

Super GLA (provides essential fatty acids) – 1 softgel caps

Nutri-Calm® (an excellent source of vitamins B and C) – 1 tablet

Servings per container: 42

Recommended Use
Take the contents of one packet with the morning meal and another packet with the evening meal twice daily. Drink one glass (8 ounces) of Nature’s Spring water with each packet. This represents a 21 day supply.

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