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Yeast Free Products

Nature’s Sunshine’s High Quality Products Are Safe
Our customers are concerned about their health. Many have compromised immune systems. Offering safe products is essential, and we have built our reputation on that. Nature’s Sunshine tests for foreign materials and for micro-contamination, such as salmonella and E. Coli. When harvested, botanicals need to dry properly; if they are milled while wet they are susceptible to yeast and mold. We run ingredient and supplement tests for these too. Nature’s Sunshine also tests for heavy metal contamination, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and PCB.

No Undesirable Yeast Permitted
There are only 4 products that contain yeast, the type of yeast they use for these products is actually a beneficial type of yeast, and even in these 4 products we test for undesirable yeast. These products are: Solstic Immune, Super ORAC, Immune Stimulator and Red Yeast Rice.

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