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Success Story: Atherosclerosis Reversed
by G. Weaver

In June of 1986 my husband John completed a battery of tests which determined that he was suffering from Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and had a stroke in the left frontal lobe of his brain, impairing Somewhat nerve activity in the right side of his body. (Before tests he had attributed the numbness in his hand and leg as being bursitis or pinched nerves due to heavy lifting on his job.) This news was a shock to us, especially since he was only 52 years old.

We were referred to a surgeon reputed for his high success in artery blockage removal. He advised us that he could do surgery on the Carotid Artery and scrap off the plaque build-up with only a one to three percent chance of death during the procedure. We asked him if this operation would solve the problem of further hardening and possible strokes. He replied that the operation would probably have to be repeated every two or three years and that “nothing” could reverse the disease or reduce the plaque buildup safely without surgery. I told the doctor that I had been doing research on natural ways to treat the disease and asked about EPA Omega 3 fish oils, lecithin and vitamins A, C and E. (I had already started John on fish oil from the health food store.) I also asked him about the side effects of long-term use of blood thinning drugs and aspirin which had been prescribed for him. The doctor agreed that there would be side effects in the form of capillary eruptions and internal bleeding. I expressed shock at the irony that a drug which is prescribed for preventing blood clotting would cause blood vessel hemorrhaging and possible blood leakage in the brain, resulting in tissue damage. I told him that I felt Garlic would be a good blood thinner and help reduce his high cholesterol.

At this, the doctor, in an irritated tone, told us that John was a walking time bomb that might explode at any time and “fooling around with fish oil and garlic” was a mistake. He told us he would not operate if we did not have complete faith in his judgment. He abruptly left the room, leaving us incredulous and a little hurt. John and I now knew that the conventional, medical route was not for us. We went home and began calling people we knew who might have some knowledge and could help us, praying for the Lord’s direction. We were led by a circuitous route to a couple who were brand new Nature’s Sunshine Products distributors, Randal and Donna Watkins. By October of 1986 1 was signed up under them as a distributor and had John on an herb and supplement program. Principally, we used Mega-Chel, Garlic, Hawthorne and Gotu Kola along with a good diet using natural fats, Food Digestive Enzymes, Marshmallow-Pepsin, Cascara Sagrada, and Herbal CA for calcium.

John’s last examination a few months ago showed that his blood viscosity was very good and his cholesterol level was down to normal. We did this without the use of any drugs. Even more amazing was the test for artery blockage percentage. He showed an overall reduction of plaque of at least 20%! John continues to improve with no further strokes and few symptoms of the disease. He now uses reduced amounts of herbs including Butcher’s Broom, Kelp and Magnesium. We are working on his nervous system with Nutri-Calm and are looking for a complete recovery.

Spiritual – Emotional Connection

If you’d like to get to the spiritual/emotional roots of this disease, I’d recommend the book God Wants You Well, featured on the right navigation bar. This book has helped us to realize what was at the root of many of our health problems.

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