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formula containing rose hips, barberry bark, dandelion root, fennel seeds, red beet root, horseradish root and parsley herb, has been designed to help the liver function properly and is especially useful for people with severe liver conditions.

Its benefits include better digestion, elimination of gas and bloating and relieving stomachaches. People using the formula have lost weight, had more energy, felt improvements with allergies and were able to eat things that they had not been able to eat in years with no problems.

is historically known to be excellent for bile flow. The lack of bile causes digestive problems with fatty and rich foods and constipation and causes parasites to be able to survive. Dr. Christopher claimed that horseradish was one of the most prolific stimulant herbs available, especially to the digestive organs. It will give a pleasant warmth in the stomach, relieve the gall ducts, stimulate intestinal action and increase urine flow. It is known to be a stimulant, diuretic and diaphoretic – concentrated powdered extract.

Horseradish cleanses mucus from anywhere in the entire body, including the lungs, stomach, colon, sinuses, liver and gall bladder. It is useful for indigestion, poor circulation, jaundice, gout, low blood pressure and malnutrition. The combination is especially beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism, because of horseradish’s effect on the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and colon.

Horseradish is very valuable for its vitamin and mineral content and for its antibiotic action against infections.

Using LIV-J
, ALJ and Combination Potassium together (all three contain horseradish) can be very beneficial. LIV-J
and ALJ work wonders, individually, but it never hurts to double or triple the benefit of horseradish. Horseradish is too strong by itself, but in combination it is excellent. LIV-J and ALJ
help both high and, especially, low blood sugar, due to the horseradish content.

is also very useful for promoting the flow of bile and aids in the correction of fat digestion. Barberry is unequaled as a corrector of liver secretions, causing the bile to flow more freely. It expels and removes morbid waste matter from the stomach and bowels. It is an excellent tonic for delicate and weak people, particularly children. It regulates the digestive system and bilious conditions. Barberry is known to be excellent for gall bladder problems, sluggish intestinal action, all liver complaints, loss of appetite, constipation, jaundice, diabetes, fevers, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, catarrh, digestion, flatulence and gall stones. Read More About Stools

has natural nutritive salts which purify the blood and destroy acids in the blood. (Anemia is caused by the deficiency of nutritive salts in the blood.) It Increases the activity of the liver, pancreas and spleen. It has the ability to clear obstructions and stimulate the liver to detoxify poisons. It is considered a valuable survival food, due to its, high content of vitamins and minerals and its natural source of protein. It is an aid to digestion, helping to create a sodium balance in the stomach and aiding the production of HCL. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is necessary for proper liver function and leads to the prevention of skin problems.

– According to one of the world’s most noted authorities, Dr. N. W. Walker, “This is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. It cleanses the liver probably better and faster than anything else. Beet root produces organic iron of a quality that furnishes excellent food for the blood.

The greatest virtue of the chemical elements in the beet is the fact that more than 50% is sodium and valuable for digestion, HCL production and to balance the stomach acids properly and for maintaining the solubility of calcium.” The 20% potassium content furnishes general nourishment for all the physiological functions of the body, while the 8% chlorine content furnishes a splendid organic cleanser for the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. This also stimulates the activity of lymph throughout the entire body. Dr. Paul Bragg calls red beet root a longevity food because it produces HCL for the digestion of food.

furnishes all the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy liver function, such as high amounts of vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin E. Dr. Walker tells us that the health of the connective tissues depends upon our constant supply of vitamin C., which our body doesn’t manufacture and must be obtained from foods. Dr. Walker states that the richest -sources of vitamin C come from rose hips, citrus fruit and even dandelion.

Is a valuable blood builder, is very alkalizing, aids in loosening mucous conditions, stimulates digestive processes, prevents flatulence and expels gas from the intestinal tract. It is good for obstructions of the liver, spleen and gall bladder. It is excellent for obesity and increases the flow of urine. Back to Eden states that fennel is one of the thoroughly tried remedies for gas, acid stomach, gout, cramps, colic and spasms. It is a carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic and aromatic.

is another herb high in vitamins A, B-complex and Citrus Bioflavonoids and has three times more vitamin C than citrus fruit. This makes four herbs in LIV-J are high in Vitamins A and C. Parsley is a preventive herb and is very high in potassium to increase the body’s resistance to all diseases, It has more iron (for blood building) than any other green food. It is useful for digestion, assimilation and elimination. It is a blood cleanser and is very good for liver and spleen problems.

Recommended Use
Take two capsules with a meal three times daily and before bedtime.

Customer Stories
“My teenager really broke out with acne. We decided to give him 2 UVA URSI and 1 LIV-J
three times the first day. Then for a few days he drank a tea made of the LIV-J, a few swallows each day, so he wouldn’t cleanse too quickly. Then he went back to 2 of each per day for 5 days. By then his face was almost entirely free and clear of acne.” C.J.B.

– My cholesterol was 400 with triglycerides of 3,000. Not a great picture of health. I decided to do something naturally since I didn’t like the long list of side effects when I read about the drugs. I chose CHOLESTER-REG
and also did some liver cleansing with LIV-J. In less than three (3) months, my test results showed the cholesterol was down to 220 and the triglycerides down to an amazing 300. I like doing it the natural way!” D. L.

– “I used LIV-J and ALJ for my allergies. The liver must neutralize all poisons and toxins that enter the bloodstream or they cause allergies, so a liver combination is an important part of an allergy program. I’ve had excellent results.” M. Baldwin

“I began using LIV-J and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL to get off of blood pressure medication. My reading was 160/110. My blood pressure dropped to 100/70, my cholesterol went from 270 to 160 and my liver enzymes had been 3 times what they were supposed to be and when retested showed up as normal. I’m happy!” L. Campbell

“My cholesterol problem began with a reading of 372. My doctor put me on 40 mg. of Mevacor and I was able to get the reading down to 220. HDL – LDL ratio was still not good. I began taking LIV-J and added these other Nature’s Sunshine Products to my program: LECITHIN,NIACIN, CAPSICUM, GARLIC & PARSLEY, and OMEGA 3 EPA.

Two months later I went for another blood test and received these results:

Cholesterol – 163
(Normal is 160-200)

Triglycerides – 182
(Normal is 60-290)

HDL – 36
(Normal is 3-70)

LDL – 98
(Normal 90-130)

I’m still on the program and have been able to keep my cholesterol within the Normal Ranges (182) and have relaxed my diet.” Ray W.

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