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“Cats and dogs get ear mites. They are not transmittable to humans, but infestations are very contagious with pets in contact with other animals. We have used TEA TREE OIL diluted. I use 10 drops in a tablespoon of water . Then I take a small eyedropper and squirt, a dropperful, in one ear at a time, instantly covering the opening with the ear flap and a towel to avoid it being shaken on or around the animal. You can also use olive oil instead of water which will “stick” better to the ear. I spend at least a full minute massaging the ear to keep the animal from shaking it all out before it gets into the ear canal and begins doing its work. Massage as long as you can because it could be a one administration event if you can keep it all in there for 3 – 5 minutes. Be sure to wipe any residue off with either method so you don’t have the dog or cat ingesting it since smaller weight animals can get too much of it quickly.
Read about cautions for cats.

“I just mopped the kitchen floor in a gallon of water, a squirt of SUNSHINE CONCENTRATE and 7 drops of LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL. I really like using bleach because it disinfects, since I have a dog and cats, but I know it is so bad for me and them, so I’m trying the Lemon Oil which smells so wonderful that it makes my mouth water! A really nice benefit is that the floor is not sticky or slippery which is the typical problem with chemical floor cleaners and the bleach leaves a residue that I have to rinse off. No rinsing with Sunshine Concentrate and Lemon Oil. It sure is nice to smell lemon and feel refreshed after mopping the floor instead of dazed out from chemical vapors.” Robin

“I wanted to let you know that I have used PEPPERMINT OIL on my furkid’s paws for thunderphobia, and it DOES really work! I have used other things, but the best results were with Peppermint Oil on the paws. Both my golden boy and my Aussie have severe ‘noise’ phobia, and the Peppermint Oil really does the trick. Besides, my carpets also smell pretty good where they walk!” Carol Ressler Read about cautions for cats.

“Leo kitty is a one-year old male cat that has recently had a very bad pancreatitis attack. That is not too uncommon in older cats but is for a one-year old. The consensus of the veterinarians was that the food he ate would keep the pancreatitis in check. However, even with vitamins to boost his appetite, he wasn’t interested in eating, so I started giving him the Pro-Pancreas. He really fights taking the pills and won’t eat the herbs on his food. I gave him a Pro-Pancreas each day for a few weeks. I could tell each day when he was in need of his herbs because he would get weak and wouldn’t eat. About 20 minutes after his herbs were given he would perk up and come trotting to the kitchen to eat (and I mean EAT!) I am watching him be a normal rambunctious cat now but if he loses his appetite, I know he needs the Pro-Pancreas.” Ginny T.

“We give our pets natural foods, but living in the woods, we have the usual critters that we cohabitate with. To combat the fleas and parasites, and to keep their blood good and healthy, I put a squirt of BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT and a squirt of LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL in their drinking water. At first, they looked at it funny, but now they look at the water funny if it isn’t a cloudy brownish green! I have had no problems with fleas or parasites since I started this regimen. I also give them GARLIC routinely to make them good and smelly. We are a parasite and flea-free environment. As an added bonus for my dog, I keep a bottle of water in the fridge with some TEA TREE OIL to spritz him after he comes in as an added measure and it actually keeps his fur smelling fresher. I no longer have the doggy odor I had with him now that he has a regular regiment of good food and herbs. It took a little time for the herbs to get the toxins out of them, but we are doing great being an all natural pet family.” From S and R Read about cautions for cats.

“Last summer I was given advice to use Hydrangea on our 7-year old rabbit that had blood in the urine. It was suggested that she may be trying to pass a kidney stone. I began giving it to her and it cleared up. Since she is an older rabbit, I’ve decided to continue it as a preventative so she gets some each day on her apple. It’s nice to have a natural solution and something so simple to help her.” Ruth

I used Tea Tree Oil on my dog’s sarcoptic mange because the vet couldn’t fit him in for an appointment for a week. I canceled the vet appointment because the Tea Tree Oil cleared it beautifully! I cleaned the area and applied the oil with a dropper twice a day. This stuff is great! My dog thanks you! J.K.

The new kitty scratched up my Chihuahua pup’s ears. They started to flop over because the scratches would scab over and break open again and again and there was a lot of redness. Took her to the vet, since her ears had been standing up for over 2 months before getting the kitten, he told me to use an antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream. He also taped her ears up for 11 days. She looked like a little martian running round. She got the ears untaped but they flopped down again. One night I came across Golden Salve in my nightstand drawer and dabbed it on Sierra’s ears. By the next morning they were remarkably improved. She hates the smell of it and I have to chase her around a bit or sneak up on her to apply the Golden Salve, but her ears are just about all healed now and seem to be starting to stand up on their own again since the sores are healed and the inflammation is gone. I hope they continue to do so, even though I would love my little flop eared chihuahua just as much as my pointed ear ones!” Chatty

“I just wanted to let you know about something I tried on our dachshund. She began having small seizures at 5 years old. The veterinarian’s only suggestion was to put her on tranquilizers permanently if they became worse or consistent. I decided to try some VALERIAN ROOT I had and it worked! I gave that to her for a week and the seizures stopped. In a couple of months she started having them again so I repeated the regimen. It seems to keep the seizures at bay and I don’t have to keep her drugged continuously. I’m happy with the results.” Debbie Harrison

“We help Animal Rescue, and also take in strays that have been abandoned. We nurse them back to health before we find them a good home. I give them VITAMIN B12 (.18 ml) injections and found they respond very well. It really speeds up their healing fast – usually in two days. Even their fur shines and they get new pink noses too. Cats that won’t start eating because they’re so sick, eat like there’s no tomorrow and start playing the very next day. I know injections aren’t available to everybody, but you could possibly ask your vet to give one…or use Vitamin B12 drops.” Mike and Kathy

“I began using OMEGA 3 FISH OILS when my vet said I could try them for our dog’s allergy problems. It has done so much for Scrugs. His skin has cleared up and his coat is so shiny and healthy. We’ll have to rename him. He was getting arthritis also and that seems to have gone away too. I’m so glad I can use natural products instead of all the toxic things we’ve tried for allergies and skin problems.” Mrs. Thomas

“I bought some of the SKIN DETOX because my dog was having horrible problems with his skin and the vet wasn’t having any success. I used 4 capsules two times a day for the first week and then used 2 capsules two times a day thereafter and couldn’t believe the results that were evident in just a few weeks. Her coat is again looking beautiful with the hair grown back in.” Carolyn

“I gave my friend some GOLDEN SALVE for some callouses she has and it’s doing a great job on them, but she also decided to use it on her cat’s sores she had from fighting. It is healing them up great, but she’s also noticed that the cat isn’t throwing up hairballs any more.” Rob

Which also manifests as fear of fireworks, can cause extreme anxiety in dogs. Dr. Robert Silver, a holistic veterinarian, recommends PEPPERMINT OIL. Rub it into the pads of the dog’s feet before the animal gets stressed. The dog will still be anxious, but it will make the animal less reactive. Read about cautions for cats.

“I live in the woods and give my dog TEA TREE OIL baths and spritz some on a comb to apply to my cats to avoid fleas. I’ve never had to deal with a flea problem (I also use natural food and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL in their water so their bloodstreams don’t get toxic and attract the fleas). I was surprised to find a tick on one of my cats. I knew TEA TREE OIL was supposed to kill them so I put a drop on and waited. It was big and tough and not letting go, so I put another drop on and waited. After about 15 minutes I was able to pull him out dead. Then I used GOLDEN SALVE to heal the wound since it was swollen and had quite a hole from the tick. It’s sure nice to have herbs on hand to help my animals when I need it!” R.S. Read about cautions for cats.

“I have five (5) inside cats and one (1) outside cat. Several of the cats are getting to middle age and I was concerned about their health. One especially is losing weight and his fur looks very bad. Decided to try Flint River. I put a crock of Flint River down and a crock of their regular “natural” food (Nutro) which I have been very satisfied with. It is too early to see immediate results (been about three weeks), but I have filled the Flint River crock at least five times and the Nutro crock is still half full. The cat that I was concerned about has quit licking his fur and feels a little heavier. I just have a feeling that this is going to be just what they need.” Sandra Coope

See “ear infections” above.

“I got Sage, a second dog, through the shelter. She’s a boxer/Akita mix.  She is such a great dog, but for the 6 months I have owned her, she has episodes of throwing up, diarrhea, and she behaved as if she didn’t feel well.  She was also eating gravel and started chewing all the pillows in my house.  After describing her symptoms, somebody recommended minerals to support the nervous system.  I ordered Liquid Chelated Calcium.  Within a few days she was a new dog.  All her symptoms went away and no more chewing. She is happy and energetic!  What a difference.”  Janice in Las Vegas

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